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Welcome to the Gay Articles section of our Gay Snapchat forum! Here, you can find the dos and don’ts of gay Snapchat and gay Kik sexting, learn how to find the hottest gay Snapchat usernames and discover all the major tricks that will turn you into a real gay sexting expert!

Is Sexting Considered Cheating In Gay Relationships?

Sexting is a slippery area for some people and there’s a dilemma whether it’s regarded as cheating or not. Read a bit more about it and see if you’re in a dangerous zone.


Gay Sexting – the Dos and Don’ts

Gay sexting is a specific kind of sexting and you should follow some rules if you want to do it really good. Find out what are dos and don’ts of gay sexting and hit that hotty from Snapchat!


How to Take the Hottest Gay Snapchat Selfies for Sexting

You want to take your Snapchat sexting to the next level by sending a sexy selfie? Good call! And here are some tricks to help you make it the hottest ever.


How to Start Real Gay Sexting Conversations on Kik?

If you want to get a Kik profile and make serious and skilled sexting partners, read what are some basic steps you need to make to reach your goal.


How Does Snapchat Sexting Work?

Don’t be the only one who isn’t sexting! Read everything you need to know about Snapchat sexting and let the steamy games begin!