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Forum Rules
72 Posts
January 3, 2017 - 9:25 am

The following rules of conduct are there to keep this a friendly place and safe environment for all members. Please, take the time to read through the entire text and keep in mind that violation of the following rules may and will result in being moderated, or in case or repeated misconduct, the members responsible shall be permanently banned from this forum.

You must be over the age of 18 in order to become a member of GaySnapSex.

The messages and material you post, as well as your behavior on the forum must not violate your country’s law or the US law. Please, do not post material that is in discord with local, state/provincial or federal laws. Relevant laws include but are not limited to those regarding copyright, trademark, trade secrets, patents and NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

GaySnapSex is a forum where diversity is appreciated and every form of discrimination strictly sanctioned. Any member who expresses negative opinions or speaks disrespectfully about any race, religion or gender shall face the consequences in the form of immediate and permanent ban from the forum.

Messages and comments that are harmful and meant to insult other members and their views are not allowed. If your opinion differs from the ones stated in the posts of other members, find a polite and appropriate way of disagreeing with them instead of resorting to unnecessary insults.

Spamming is strictly prohibited and includes the following activities:

- Posting advertisements

- Posting links to various services

- Short posts (up to 7 words) that are not helpful or do not contribute to the thread. Do not post short, meaningless comments only for the sake of post count, as such posts will be automatically removed.

Do not post messages that are not related to the topic in question or add comments that are controversial and meant to inspire negative responses. There is no room for trolls on this forum and every member who exhibits such behavior risks getting banned permanently.

Please, refrain from swearing and using any form of foul language. GaySnapSex supports freedom of speech, but does not encourage members to express themselves in a rude or impolite manner. Our profanity filter replaces all cuss words with *’s. If you attempt to bypass the filter by misspelling the words or using any other method, you are likely to be banned from the forum. Likewise, if you use swearwords frequently, you will have to face consequences and may be forbidden to continue participating in the discussions on our forum.

Sharing personal information about you or anyone else is strictly forbidden. Posting such information on the Internet is not advisable, due to potential misuse and harm to the persons in question.

If you want to open a discussion on a new topic, please start a new thread. Every thread is to focus on one subject only.

Please, refrain from posting plagiarized content or copying other people’s posts.

We urge our members to use all caps only when necessary (e.g. acronyms, highlights, etc.).

No member who has been banned from the forum or whose membership has been canceled or suspended may attempt to return to the forum.

This forum, as well as its owner, staff and members is in no way responsible for any sort of consequences of your membership or participation on this forum.

GaySnapSex has the right to alter Forum Rules or policy at any time.

Help us make this a pleasant experience for everyone. Please, follow the rules stated above and notify us of any potential violation. Thank you!

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