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How Does Snapchat Sexting Work?

Modern technologies are taking over our lives, and that includes sex.

Sexting is huge now and if you don’t want to fall behind, you should learn some of the basics. It all started as a sexy texting – sexting. People used SMS to start foreplay, initiate sex or help themselves out when, well, masturbating. But then, we got apps and upgraded words with pics and videos.

sexting manSo, you should know that Snapchat isn’t only about dog faces and rainbow puke anymore. It’s becoming the most popular sexting apps and you should install it and spice your sex life up ASAP! Check out some forums built for helping Snapchaters meet each other, like Gay Snapsex, and you will soon realize that Snapchat is the present and the future of sexting.

Sexting is for everyone, whether or not you’re part of a happy couple or a lone cowboy. Try it out with your partner and you’ll see it work miracles. Tell him he’s your sexy little bitch and snap him a nude selfie. And if you’re a solo dancer ready for some action, you can try finding someone who is looking for exact same stuff as you. It’s not very likely that you could guess a real and appropriate Snapchat username, so joining a forum like Gay Sexting on Gay Snapsex could help a great deal.

Now, let me explain why Snapchat is a good choice for activities like this. For you, gay gay couples, it’s highly recommended because it has the memory of a goldfish – it remembers nothing. If your kids, cousins or friends like to use your phone every once in a while, you won’t have to worry that they’d stumble upon a dick pic while taking pictures of their cats or anything like that. Send a hot shower shot to your partner and remind him how sexy is that piece of ass he’s going to enjoy later that day.

snapchat logoUse gay Snapchat sexting for steamy foreplay and bring your sex experience to another level. You can start out by send dirty texts. Take it slow and it will last longer. Talk about what you’d like to do or how you’d like to take him tonight. Maybe even share a new fantasy. But if you’re not one of those “the longer the better” and prefer to get straight to the point, Snapchat has a solution for you. Photos! You can send previously saved photos or new ones, all of them will disappear after your sex buddy sees them. You can play with the pics in so many ways – you can add some dirty text or an emoji, a filter, whatever you want. If pictures aren’t enough, take it further and make a video! It can be up to 10 seconds, and you can make hot wonders in 10 secs. Be creative, be sexy, get nasty even! It’s up to you, you know what can turn your partner on, and that’s the whole point of sexting anyway.

All those horny single studs can try all of these with some people they already know or those they’ve found online. If you’re up for something or somebody new, the internet is a gold mine. Browse through gay Snapchat usernames on Gay Snapsex for instance and add those you find hot. The only problem you might face here is that you can’t be 100% sure who you’re sexting with. But Snapchat has another sexting trick! You can use live chat, which is like a facetime in a way, so you can actually see the real Snapchat user.

Don’t waste another minute, make a gay Snapchat profile and start sexting away!