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How to Take the Hottest Gay Snapchat Selfies for Sexting

The selfie is becoming the trademark of 21st century and we’re all taking some almost everywhere we go. Solo selfies, group selfies, bored selfies, cheeky, beautiful, sexy, we’re taking all kind of selfies. And then, there’s its majesty – the nude selfie. You need some serious preparations if you want to catch a sext partner by using some, so make sure you use all the tricks that there are out there.

The selfie is huge in gay sexting, so you should really get down to improving your selfie skills to perfection if you want to be a sextpert. You want to make that sext bud you met on Gay Snapchat forum drop his jaw? Then get to it and snap the hottest Snapchat selfie ever!

gay selfieFirst of all, don’t let any technicalities get in your way! Clean your camera lens carefully, you don’t want spots or stains to ruin your hot selfie. If you decide to make a mirror selfie, clean the mirror too, because splatter and dirty surfaces can be extra visible in photos and that’s not the kind of dirt you’re after in Snapchat sexting. Also, don’t forget the background. Move away from anything iffy or clean up your mess. At the very least remove it while taking the selfie. The focus should be on you and your sexy body, and you don’t need any disturbance from your household.

There’s one extremely important thing: the lighting! Make sure that the light is coming from the side. It’s the best to have natural light, but if you’re taking a picture at night, you’ll need to be careful about your light bulbs and lamps. Don’t stand right under the light because it’ll make you look bad. Do you remember fitting rooms in stores? That’s what I’m talking about… It’s always unflattering when you look at yourself in those mirrors, no matter how great you actually look and how many push-ups and squats you’ve done earlier that day. It’s all the lights’ fault. Since it’s positioned exactly above your head, it produces shadows and makes your body look plump and out of shape. And that’s a big no-no for steamy gay sexting. But don’t use any lights coming from the floor either. It’ll make you look unnatural and dark, and put your best attributes in the shadow.

Gay Snapchat SelfieWhen you take care of the lights, lenses, mirrors and background, you need to get to the star of Snapchat sexting spectacle – you! Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. Strike some poses, experiment, try taking selfies with a mirror, without the mirror, standing or lying. Find a good angle before choosing a photo to launch your gay sexting game. If you’re sexting with your partner, you want to surprise him with a sexy pose he’s never seen before. And if the other part of this gay sexting duo is some guy from a Gay Snapchat forum, you’ll make a hell of a first physical impression with a hot selfie. So make sure you look good and sexy!

And the most important thing you need to know about hot selfies is self-confidence. Choose a pic that you find sexy. Take the selfie naked, topless or fully dressed with just a small glimpse of your skin. Do whatever makes you feel hot, handsome and sexy and it’ll show on the photo. Self-confidence is the most powerful aphrodisiac ever and it’s going to turn your Snapchat sexting pal on immediately.

And those of you out there that are taken, try these tricks and you’ll see the fire in your partner’s eyes. Snapchat sexting is going to strike up a flame in your relationship for a long, long time. And you, free stallions, amaze those dirty minds from Gay Snapchat with your hottest selfies, and you’ll be awarded in orgasms.