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Is Sexting Considered Cheating In Gay Relationships?

Smartphones and internet have made sexting a really important and big part of our lives, especially in the gay community. Everybody’s on Snapchat, Kik, Grindr, Wickr… Gay couples are using it to spice things up in the bedroom and single gay guys are looking for sexy fun and hot sparks with strangers from gay Snapchat or gay Kik forums.

Man ThinkingThere’s a whole field of dirty talk out there. We’re talking sexy messages, pics, naughty videos, and a lot more depending on what a particular gay sexting tandem prefers and how far they’re willing to go. You may be asking yourself what the purpose of all this is. Well, put simply, to answer the calls of your horny body by reading steamy stuff and looking at lascivious photos and videos. Some people do it as foreplay for the real thing with their partners, some as a way to meet new fuck buddies they’ve found browsing topics on gay Kik and gay Snapchat, and some simply to help themselves out when masturbating. So, should it be called cheating?

The first and most important question that we should ask is, when a person sexts, are they sexting with a real person? Yes. At the very least, they think that the person behind the Snapchat or Kik username is a real gay guy interested in sexting. Some gay Kik and gay Snapchat usernames might be fake, but it’s usually very easy to find out which are real and which aren’t. Ok, so, we agree that there is sexual content and two real people involved in gay sexting. Should we be worried? Well, it depends…

Basically, sexting itself isn’t cheating. It’s like watching porn or reading a sexy magazine. Just a tool your partner uses to help him orgasm. If your partner is having gay sexting sessions with a guy he doesn’t know, never met and never will, then you can leave him be. It’s just a way of finding some new masturbation material, but he’s still a devoted boyfriend and he’s having real life sex only with you. If you have a problem with masturbating per se, that’s a whole new issue and you should discuss that with your partner in person.

Fight in bedBut if your sweetheart is sexting with a gay man he knows, and the two of you didn’t have an open relationship, then you have all the right to call it cheating, put a ban on it and decide whether you want to forgive your partner or not.

What about you though? What if you’re the one sexting without letting your partner know? Are you cheating? If you’re using Snapchat and Kik just for fun and fun only, without any plans to meet that guy you’re hitting with nasty talk and sexy pics, then you’re actually watching some porn and you have nothing to worry about. But you should definitely talk to your partner and check what his opinion on the subject is. Since it’s not a big deal and not actually real for you, it shouldn’t bother your partner either. It’s harmless and it might even bring some freshness and hot ideas into your sex life.

If you’re doing it secretly and feel bad about, it’s better to stop it. Or to break up with your boyfriend, because it’s obvious you enjoy your gay sexting adventures more than the real life sex you’re having with your partner.

Just like with any other kind of flirt, if it’s just that, it’s harmless and fine. Gay sexting or any other kind of sexting isn’t cheating. Keep trading with those nasty babes from gay Snapchat, maybe you’ll learn something you could use in real life.